American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"
American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

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Location:Chickamauga Lake, TN Length: 190 feet

To everyone considering a tram installation: Do it! My only regret about my installation is that I did not make the decision to do it sooner.

I am an engineer, so I researched this extensively before making a decision. Tony can tell you, I had a lot of questions. I considered other companies. but in every area where I had concerns American Recreational Tram had a far superior design, choice of materials, and better quality basic components. When I was certain I wanted to do business with ART, I even went to visit their manufacturing facility (yes, I am that bad). Then I was convinced.

They did everything they said they would, on time, as quoted. The workmanship and installation is stellar. Tony and Chris are some of the most trustworthy people I have met and an absolute pleasure to work with. I even had them build my lower landing (on a separate contract) that is beautiful.

My family now enjoys our lake front property ten times more now than before. I would highly recommend ART and you will wish you had done it sooner!

Cynthia &Terry


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