American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"
American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

Tram Features

Installing state of the art electrical system.

Our hill-climbing tram systems use three phase technology

American Recreational Tram Systems is a leader in state of the art tram technology. Our tram system includes seven independent braking systems, three individual galvanized cabling systems and a passenger car that cannot tip off the track.  These systems are in place to provide you and your guests peace of mind and to ensure a safe, relaxing ride.

The materials used in the production of an American Recreational Tram System are the best available.  We use only American made steel, Galvanized inside and out with Triple-Flow Coat Corrosive Protection for all track assemblies, support columns, bracing and for the tram passenger car.  Galvanized steel provides superior performance and longevity over commonly used carbon steel.  We also Powder Coat all steel components and cure them at 400 degrees.  This process results in the best exterior finish on the market and will give you many years of hassle free enjoyment of your tram system.

Three individual galvanized cabling systems.

Our hill-climbing tram systems use three phase technology; which, along with our computer regulated speed controller, provides comfortable acceleration and deceleration, allowing for a smooth ride for you and your guests similar to that of a modern commercial elevator.

Our spacious passenger car can carry up to 1000 lbs and rides comfortably from top to bottom.   We design all of our passenger cars with under-seat storage for added convenience.  Never again experience the hassle of transporting awkward boating gear, coolers and other supplies to your dock...

Optional Accessories:

  • Attached accessory basket

  • Lightning/Surge protection

  • Handicap accessible passenger car

  • Annual maintenance service plan

  • Extended warranty program

  • Wireless remote control system

  • Passenger car door

  • Keyed access

Custom passenger car.

We can customize your passenger car to meet your individual requirements.

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