American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"
American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

Service & Warranty Information


American Recreational Tram Systems, LLC. offers the best and most comprehensive warranty on the market.  A limited 15 Year Warranty is standard on all of our in-house manufactured components and the warranty on our drive and electronic components is the best in the business!

Service & Maintenance

Our Optional Annual 21 Point Service and Maintenance program provides you with the Peace of Mind that goes with knowing that your American Recreational tram system has been inspected and maintained by our expert service technicians.  All moving parts are inspected, cleaned and lubricated, all electronics and switches are inspected and cleaned as necessary, connections secured and control buttons are checked for proper operation.  All cables are aligned and inspected for wear and all braking systems are tested and adjusted as required.  Multi-year discounts are available.

Our annual service and maintenance program will keep your tram in peak operating condition and will provide you with many years of fun and enjoyment.

Upgrade to Current Technology

American Recreational Systems, LLC. provides service for tram and lift systems built by other manufacturers.  We can upgrade your tram system to state of the art technology with our Tram Service Upgrade Program.  Contact us for an evaluation of your existing tram system and a complete, comprehensive quote.

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