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American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

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Location: Indian River, TN Length: 165 feet
I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how pleased Donna and I are with how the Tram installation went. Since we are not permanent residents at our lake front home, it is not easy to conduct construction activities. Working with you and your crew, we never had to worry about how things were going or if they would not be done as indicated. On several occasions you arranged to have someone take care of needed activities, like taking down the dead trees. It sure made the installation painless. You all were very cordial and willing to work around our schedule and wants. You were very accommodating to locating the Tram so that we could add a future deck onto the back of the house. Thanks for making this investment a pleasure.

We have only been able to go up and down the tram a few times, since winter has set in and the boat is back in Ohio, but it has worked flawlessly. It came in real handy the day we took out the boat, I had to go up and down the hillside five times. Taking the 110 steps would have nearly killed me.

If you ever need to show someone the lift in operation, or need a referral, we would be glad to let you do that, even when we are not on site.

See you at the Cincinnati Boat Show.

Best Regards,

Matt and Donna

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