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American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

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Location:Tims Ford Lake, TN Length: 190 feet

Tony, Chris and Team,

American Recreational Tram has changed our lives on Tims Ford Lake in Tennessee!

After twenty eight years of walking down one hundred sixty six steps to go
boating, and walking back up to the house a few times a day, my son Randy, who is from Huntsville, AL, and I , from Nashville, TN, never dreamed our lives on the lake could be any better!

However, after using our neighbors American Recreational Tram last summer for convenience, and also an emergency, we realized how valuable a tram could be, so we called you, Tony! Then in April your professional team installed our tram, which was so interesting to watch. Now in less than three minutes we can ride down to the water to go boating! It has been a blessing to many, but especially Randy who has hauled many bags of concrete and lots of lumber to do repairs near the water.

After a ''mini'' family reunion this summer everyone praised the tram, as they too had walked the steps all of these years carrying heavy coolers! It made us realize how much we love, love, love, our tram, and also thank you for accessing it right off of the deck, making it so convenient for this young 81 year old, and her family and friends to enjoy the lake for many more years!

Tony and Chris, your team and company has been praised to neighbors who have shown an interest. You have a good product, and we wish you many blessings as you make other people so happyl

Thank you so much.

Joyce & Randy

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