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American Recreational Tram Systems Inc -- "Your Safe Sensible Solutions"

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Location:Lake Blue Ridge, GA Length: 150 feet
Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate the new tram you
installed in December, I owe you and Chris a big thank-you for finishing off the docking area entrance , It looks great.

That was not part of the deal and I do appreciate it. It blends in perfectly. After all the debating and calculating, It was the right place to dock the tram. Thanks for your

The tram was a big hit on New Years Eve. We have even bigger plans for it next year.
My friends who like to come by boat, but couldn't climb ''the dreaded steps" are in Hog heaven and I am too. My daughter has named it ''THE GEEZER EXPRESS".

I am having fun pointing out the finer points; the engineering, stability, the perfect welds and powder coat finish. Truly the best I have ever seen. Two of my neighbors want to get one this spring, I hope you can work them in.

In the mean time feel free to use mine as a demo, I am that proud of it. It worked out perfect and is far superior to others I have seen that cost more. My only regret is I didn't get it earlier, we would have got a lot more use out of the lake. Thanks again for all you have done.

Regards to all:

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